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Grand Opening Purpa Fine Art Gallery Seminyak

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  • City: Seminyak
  • Location: Purpa Fine Art Gallery
  • Date: 18th June 2014, Start 6 PM

An art lover, Ari Purpa began making plans to open a gallery to satisfy her love of art and her desire to promote the work of artists. When she opened Purpa Fine Art Gallery in the Seminyak neighborhood in early March, she choose to feature Sugita, Iman Ritma, Mersuka Dopazo, Rosar, Irene Hoff,  and others artists because she liked what she saw of them and wanted to help them more to advance their careers.

“There’s just a really fabulous art community up there and Bali has a long-standing reputation as a destination for painters” Ari Purpa said.

The gallery and the show with DJ Anton were drawing a lot of attention. The opening on June 18, 2014 drew more than 150 people, including artists, medias and collectors.

The ceremony was directed by filmmaker, author and actor Douchan Gersi.

“It’s a good time for art in Bali,” Douchan Gersi said. “I think it will bring a spotlight to what we all know. Those of us who are in the Bali art community know how good and how strong the art scene is here, but to see it brought to Seminyak with that concentration and that attention confirms with people that there is something pretty special going on up here.”

Jean Couteau, the renowned Art connoisseur, officially openned the gallery with some of the best painters such as Made Wianta, Bramasto, Krijono, Sugita, Hans Snel, Warsito, Rustamadji, Made Djirna…

Purpa Fine Art Gallery will organize its first solo exhibition “Feminine Side…” by the spanish artist Mersuka Dopazo…

Ari Purpa