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Nyoman Sujana Kenyem

Born in Sayan, Ubud in 1972, Kenyem is one of the area’s local artists who broke free from the constraints of the local painting traditions.

He first learned the repetitive patterns imposed in Penestanan, but later, after attending the Indonesian Art High School in Ubud and the Indonesian Art Institute in Denpasar, his work became more abstract, developing a discourse about the place of humans that begins in nature.

Kenyem works in a meticulous manner, with a lot of details and often employs calligraphy.

His personal signature is the small figures who appear to be dancing as well as the careful shadowing, which gives his paintings a floating feeling. In addition to solo exhibitions in Bali, Jakarta, Malaysia, Singapore and Sweden, he has also participated in international group exhibitions in countries including Malaysia, Myanmar, Korea and China.

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