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Mohammed was born in Jakarta, 1951. As a little boy, he displayed a talent for the arts and had won many painting awards at several competitions. Between 1966-1969, Mohammed continued to learn and trained under the Indonesian senior painter, Sekar Gunung. To further his ability, he was recommended to apprentice under a well-known Indonesian artist, Popo Iskandar. From then on, Mohammed had worked together with other famous Indonesian artists such as Achmad Sadali, Srihadi Sudarsono, and Umi Dahlan.

Since 1980, Mohammed has been actively involved in numerous exhibitions  around the world - Indonesia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Japan, America, Australia, Italy, Germany, and Singapore.  His artworks are collected by the Fukuoka Art Museum in Japan and the British International Museum in London and Jakarta. In recognition of his achievements, Mohammed had received awards from the British International Museum in London and Jakarta; Indonesian Ambassador in Kuwait; Indonesia Consortium ASEAN Program Consultant; Tanglin Trust in Singapore; and Malaysia Palace in Kuala Lumpur.

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